UtaForum Code of Conduct: Hi all,

This post has been a long time coming. As forum admin, I must apologize for…

@MystSaphyr Consideration for offsite behavior is a really good idea, I'll think about if it'll help the communities that I moderate too

@MystSaphyr I'm sorry if there's a better way to contact you, but I'm a leader on Vocaloid Amino and we'd love to adopt a similar stance there to make it a more welcoming place for the community - we've run into very similar issues as to what you've described in that post. Would it be alright to reference UtaForm's code of conduct and apply it to ourselves as well?

Since it's clear where the inspiration comes from, I thought it'd be best to ask for permission first;; I'll link back, of course.

@Rylitah @MystSaphyr I'm not Myst (although she should chime in as well), but -- technically speaking the actual origin of this change comes from discussions with regards to how such a rule would apply to VocaLounge as well, so we're of course happy to see other places adopt this approach and (hopefully) not have to experience the same issues we did!

@Rylitah @MystSaphyr Of course in the cases of both VL and UF each CoC is written to accommodate each space's individual needs and I'm sure Amino will need a somewhat altered set, but as long as it leads to healthier space moderation we're happy if what we've learned from this helps better initiatives elsewhere as well

@Lystrialle @Rylitah Lystrialle already said pretty much everything I would say so go for it!!

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