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Hi there, I'm Myst!

I'm a longtime and user and I created the voicebank Kikyuune Aiko. I make both covers and original songs!

Among my other interests, I enjoy , , , and . I also play a lot of and titles!

I've been on the fediverse for about a year -- my old account was on the .ART instance, which I'll be keeping as a backup in case anything happens. ★

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Voicebank Collection [5/22/20] 

[* = boxed ver]

:vocalo_v1: LEON, LOLA, MIRIAM

:vocalo_v2: SONiKA, Big AL

:vocalo_v3: Yuzuki Yukari*, v3flower, V3 Editor*, YanHe*

:vocalo_v4: Megurine Luka*, Cyber Songman, Yukari Lin*

:vocalo_mobile: VY1_Lite, IA, IA_Rocks, Hatsune Miku

:cevio: ONE + Starter Pack*, Satou Sasara (Free)

:utau: (purchased items)
Win100% Starter Pack, Macne Ke series, Koharune Ami 17 Salad*, Namida*, Cody Verre*

:synthv: Eleanor Forte

Others: chipspeech

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Voicebank Wishlist [5/22/20] 

[* = boxed ver]

:vocalo_v2: Megurine Luka*

:vocalo_v3: AnonKanon*

:vocalo_v4: Nekomura Iroha*, Yukari Onn & Jun, v4flower*, Sachiko*

:cevio: IA English C

:utau: UTAU Perfect Master*

everyone joking about cv04 when the most disappointing abandoned crypton project was project if tbh

this was a vocaloid2 era vocal I'm still so mad a decade later

It's also an item I haven't tried making yet so I'm a lil nervous but WE SHALL SEE HOW IT GOES

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I have a really silly voca merch idea that I'm gonna pitch in the next couple of days if I can get a sketch done... it would require a certain number of orders to make so I'd have to gauge interest but I think it'd be a really funny item and hope ppl would get a kick out of it

I'm already late for Ray's 9th anniversary since there's not a fes this year I guess, but I do have something special I'm gonna post this weekend aaaaa

Checked up on my old iPad again and they don't even have a status for it on the online system anymore as of the 31st 😂 holy fucking shit

I get awful merch ideas when chatting with Like every single time.

Supurreme modded Aiko into Project Diva Future Tone and I did a cover to demonstrate the module! She looks so good aaaaa ★

I didn't even try to get her but I'm glad, and I appreciate the image is just a screenshot of a pinterest link on google images

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I was taking a "which UTAU are you" quiz for fun and then I got to this question and I

My list of SynthV banks I wanna buy keeps growing, this is a Problem

Just a friendly invite, if you are into #minecraft and want to join a fediverse friendly server, @Ayior and myself host #mastocraft, a 1.16.1 Minecraft server.

Eh yeah he has some similarities to Moke and he's another young male but.... I love his outfit ok and I'm totally biased for anything space themed to go with Stardust

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It's hard when you immediately really like a vocalsynth design and then go to twt to find your entire TL insulting it LMAO

Still not over the 2 official Lucky Orb remixes being by 2 of my top favorite producers tbh

How many versions of Blue Star will I own after getting this 😂

HATSUNE MIKU Digital Stars 2020 Compilation クロスフェード via

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