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Hi there, I'm Myst!

I'm a longtime and user and I created the voicebank Kikyuune Aiko. I make both covers and original songs!

Among my other interests, I enjoy , , , and . I also play a lot of and titles!

I've been on the fediverse for about a year -- my old account was on the .ART instance, which I'll be keeping as a backup in case anything happens. ★

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Voicebank Collection (1/15/20) 

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Voicebank Wishlist (1/15/20) 

My brain: *banging pots and pans* Convention tomorrow! Convention tomorrow!!

Me, trying to fucking sleep: will you PLEASE shut up it's just the one-day con, katsucon isn't for another month

My brain: *banging pots and pans even louder* CONVENTION TOMORROW!! CONVENTION TOMORROW!!

it really does feel like the number of .com domains i visit on a daily basis is dwindling fast

Vocaloid RPG game currently in progress. The main reason I'm making this is because it's something I want to play myself but can't find so I decided to make myself.

Before I would've tried to do everything myself from scratch but I've learned to be more pragmatic about time and energy and not reinventing the wheel if resources are available.

Y'know someday...... I'm gonna save up enough money to commission a shiny Machop plush from someone to add to my collection.

Course I also wanna commission an Aiko mascot plush, hm. Money.

Do you like Korean vocal synths? Come join my discord server, KSU! (Korean Synths United). You can share your love for Korean vocalists or anything else and we hope to have a collaborative project soon~

I don't know how many of y'all remember Kiite (the vocalsynth radio site managed by Crypton) but they've started posting ranking playlists! There's the standard Vocal Character & UTAU lists, but also a separate one for just UTAU!

(Relevant thread link from Twitter below) ★

I think as of today, The Moment Before the End and Sentinel have been alternately stuck in my head for like. a week and a half straight. I'm pretty sure this is the third or fourth time I've listened to Sentinel today

hm how do I draw Rock Miku for FanForge without having to draw.................................................... guitar

This is a nice abuse of the wix platform for geocities-level internet homesteading:

I already forgot how I found this!

Oh neat Appletun needs Def EVs anyway, so I can use him in my shiny Wooloo hunt

Guess I'll be hunting Wooloo! Now should I use the chain battle method for once, or hatch again? 🤔 ★

I'm eventually gonna hunt Dracozolt and I'm gonna hate every second of it (especially since charm doesn't stack for gift pokemon.....)

Replacing the term 'irl' 

Shiny hunting time again, help me pick ★

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