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Hi there, I'm Myst!

I'm a longtime and user and I created the voicebank Kikyuune Aiko. I make both covers and original songs!

Among my other interests, I enjoy , , , and . I also play a lot of and titles!

I've been on the fediverse for about a year -- my old account was on the .ART instance, which I'll be keeping as a backup in case anything happens. β˜…

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Voicebank Collection (1/15/20) 

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Voicebank Wishlist (1/15/20) 

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The arms of spiral galaxies are thought to be density waves, areas of higher density of material. In these areas more star formation happens making the arms stand out. #astrophoto

(redrafted to change "kid" to "son/daughter" cause neither of them are kids really)

(also disclaimer Aiko's isn't even risque but KAITO'S... I'M PRETTY SURE IS...)

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Things Fuuga Naoto and I have in common:

β˜… has a blue vocalsynth son/daughter
β˜… owns a daki of their blue vocalsynth son/daughter

Tried out that bushiroad DJ game for a bit and I'm getting extreme SDVX vibes... I like it

Some dude: *pointing at my Miku silhouette decal on my car* What anime is that? Sailor Moon?

Me: *sweats*

Man I can’t wait to start painting and putting together my Blade Liger this weekeβ€”

*abruptly remembers waterslide decals exist*

Since I forgot to prevent this from crossposting we'll do a separate Twitter and Mastodon villain OC pair

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I'll be attending the Atlanta concert as well! I'd love to organize a vocalsynth user meet either at the venue…

I don't like that these are blending together in my subconscious like this 😨

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In short I was taking an evening songwriting course at some college, and somehow it was vocalsynth themed, and our final project was a song WITH illustration and PV because of course it was. And I hadn't even finished the song.

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You know those school dreams where "oh god I haven't done anything all semester and the final project is due"?

Had one of those last night, but it was vocalsynth themed. The fuck.

Ah it’s Mardi Gras, wonder where I can get some king cake around here hm πŸ€”

Dropped all my UTAU on Toyhouse and set up a vocalsynth-themed World for the heck of it, if anyone wants in I'll add your UTAU/DV characters

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