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Hi there, I'm Myst!

I'm a longtime and user and I created the voicebank Kikyuune Aiko. I make both covers and original songs!

Among my other interests, I enjoy , , , and . I also play a lot of and titles!

I've been on the fediverse for about a year -- my old account was on the .ART instance, which I'll be keeping as a backup in case anything happens. ★

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Voicebank Collection [2/1/21] 

[* = boxed ver]

:vocalo_v1: LEON, LOLA, MIRIAM

:vocalo_v2: SONiKA, Big AL

:vocalo_v3: Yuzuki Yukari*, v3flower, V3 Editor*, YanHe*

:vocalo_v4: Megurine Luka*, Cyber Songman, Yukari Lin*, Macne Nana English*

:vocalo_mobile: VY1_Lite, IA, IA_Rocks, Hatsune Miku

:cevio: ONE + Starter Pack*, Satou Sasara (Free)

Win100% Starter Pack, Macne Ke series, Koharune Ami 17 Salad*, Namida*, Cody Verre*, Hibya*

:synthv: Eleanor Forte

Others: chipspeech

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Voicebank Wishlist [2/1/21] 

[* = boxed ver]

:vocalo_v2: Megurine Luka*

:vocalo_v3: AnonKanon*

:vocalo_v4: Nekomura Iroha*, Yukari Onn & Jun, v4flower*, Sachiko*

:cevio: IA English C, Yukari Rei

:synthv: GENBU

:utau: UTAU Perfect Master*

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oh in the past few months, I've gone and updated my website!!!! I added a guestbook and started a series of game reviews!

All items will be cracked glass holo foil!

I'm very pleased with this set, boosts are much appreciated!

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*slides my first non-vocalsynth merch set onto the fediverse*

Available for preorder on my shop!

Item mockups in thread!

Please check out the crowdfund for Solaris! She's a proposed AI voicebank for a singing synthesis program called SynthV and she's gonna sound SO good

Solaris crowdfund is at 69% (nice) and possibly 71% or more with paypal donations.... please..... I need her to happen

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Guess who got another old camera converted to infrared and can now do 700 AND 550nm? Damn, that red leaf effect is powerful, even if a bit tricky to optimize in post-editing... #infrared #photography

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Does Wacom realize how much bank they'd make with branded tablets. Like imagine if they released a Hatsune Miku themed Intuos that was teal with pink LEDs and black/grey accents and an "01" stamp in the corner or something people would eat that up. There's already Miku branded PC cases and gaming chairs so WHY NOT a tablet c'mon

"Why did you suddenly become a retro graphics tablet collector" I don't know but I'm enjoying it!!

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And I DID still find a Graphire 2 USB for my bondi blue iMac so I mean, win-win

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Long story short I was trying to find one of the Graphire 2 USB tablets that matched the 1998 iMac colors to go with the iMac I bought, and found this instead on Mercari Japan. It's a Graphire 4 from 2005 (called "Favo" in Japan) and is unironically one of the best purchases I have ever made.

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Can’t believe I never shared pics of my “new” tablet here which is a shame because it is Extremely Important ™

I need to work on stuff but all I can think about is Miku Expo merch

gimmie my Luka things

I mean I guess I can be happy that particular pic still somehow getting seen 8 years later, it was my only piece to ever get shared by the official DW tumblr 😂 👍

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logged into dA for the first time in ?? ????? only to see a paragraph-long rant about shipping the Doctor on a pic I did of Seven and Mel that wasn't even intended as ship

when I have 2 illustrations of Four and Sarah Jane smoochin like Right There beside it in my gallery

crowdfunding one of these so I can finally fucking record my utau voicebanks /j

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Every time a certain person is called the "creator" of Nyan Cat and daniwell and/or MomoMomoP aren't given the credit they deserve, you're required to pay money to daniwell's Bandcamp.

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