Thank you for all of your support!
Avannaversary has been fully funded! We'll be working hard to make this the best project we can 💚

Now let's get those stretch goals!

We're honored to be providing logistics and distribution support for the Avannaversary album project! Come check out the Kickstarter!

We're planning something very special next month! It's a collaboration with someone we're very excited to work with. Stay tuned! 💚

If Myriad were to start another vocalsynth album collab, what kind of theme or concept would you be interested in seeing one centered around? Let us know!

Our library gets bigger and bigger!
We're planning even more fun vocalsynth projects to come, so look forward to them! ✨

Because we decided to close our Audiomack account last week, our business cards that will be accompanying The Harbor of Drifting Blue shipments this week will have an outdated link on it. We apologize for the inconvenience. (All other links should work fine!)

【VOCALOID KAITO海外合志】The Harbor of Drifting Blue【同人专辑全曲试听】

【KAITO】海外コンピレーションアルバム「The Harbor of Drifting Blue」【クロスフェード】

Presenting Myriad's third compilation album release, our 15th anniversary KAITO album, The Harbor of Drifting Blue!

Preorders are open now, so go get your copy now!

Also, check out our crossfade!

Look forward to an upcoming announcement later this month. 😎

A bit of a transparency report: Thanks to everyone's support, ever since the release of our first album (Decagon) in 2018, we have donated over $900 to Musicians Without Borders ( through our standard lineup's revenue. Thank you to everyone for your support!

Our PV for the English version:

And this isn't the end, there's still more! Look forward to videos for the Spanish and Chinese versions!
We're also working to produce lyrics in more languages, and more official versions (if you're interested in translating or producing one, please contact us!)

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Presenting "Skylight", a collaborative single project created to raise proceeds for the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
Check out the song in English, Spanish, and Chinese!

We've posted singable lyrics in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, and resources to make your own cover or remix!

We hope people around the world will be able to make this song theirs in their own way.

【動画】COVID-19連帯対応基金慈善プロジェクト「Skylight」 を投稿しました。

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