Basically, beyond being VL hosted, the reason we're asking for these to be posted within VL is mainly that Mastodon search on local feed is *very* accurate and thus we can get all of the submissions very easily without severe risk of losing one. (Low effort!)

People on other instances are free to join in as well! That said, because we can't *guarantee* we will actually see you from here you may have to contact us to let us know you want your submission in the zine 😅

(Honestly I don't mind if you submit in other ways that get my attention, like email or something, but I think our local timeline hashtag is actually *more* likely to get properly picked up by us since it works by proper indexing and won't have issues like getting lost in potential spam filters.)

Addendum based on request: We *are* okay with being a little flexible about the digital-art-and-not-photos-or-scans thing, but since the main goal about that part is to make sure home printers will spit this out as quickly as possible, we may have to ask to work with you to reduce the part where printers start slowing down on the pixel-by-pixel variance that comes with those (via background cutting, filters, whatever)

(Like, for instance, if you're scanning a sketchbook photo, we may ask to have some filters applied so the background actually registers to the printer as white and so it won't attempt to print out a whole blob of pixel-by-pixel off-white color tinted by light...if that makes sense)

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