Looks like it's now Attack of the Spam Bots™️

I'm planning on using this as an opportunity to train the mods on how to use the reporting interface, so responses may be a bit delayed here. In the meantime, though, please be sure to report them to us using the reporting functions (...and then block them)!

In general, as much as the mod team will try to be on as much as possible, I cannot guarantee that all of us will be on all the time to address things at the exact second something pops up so please do bear with us, especially this early in the server's lifetime (and be sure to apply those block functions once you've reported)

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(Also, we *are* humans who can only keep track of so much of the timelines at once, especially the federated timeline -- please use that report button when you feel you need to, there's a chance we just genuinely won't see a problem happening unless it's brought to our attention!)

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Follow-up to this: we've taken care of the spambot issue as far as we can tell, but I've determined that from now on I'm going to be making an effort to properly train our mod team on the interface and give them experience handling reports and other stuff. I've been very closely watching the feeds since it's our first week and immediately taking action to prune things, but it means that I've been pretty much doing their job for them 💦

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That means that while the team is still getting a feel for the interface and other things, responses to reports may be slower than usual (although we expect not longer than a few hours). Again, definitely urge you to use those block functions in the meantime (and even if you're not sure about whether something is rule-breaking, feel free to report anyway and we'll decide whether it warrants action or not).

Thank you for your patience as we still iron out the early parts of our launch!

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