Apparently that post originally went to the ambassador account by accident, whoops 🤣


Seriously, though -- hashtag your stuff a lot. It's not like Twitter where they're barely functional -- since Mastodon doesn't do arbitrary string search, it functions much more like Tumblr/Pixiv/NND tags where they give you *exactly* everything tagged with it, which makes it SUPER easy to look for art and other creative stuff tagged with it once the federated network is big enough

@Lystrialle Thanks, this is actually really helpful information, like the secret of masto that no-one tells you! I've been struggling to figure out how best to engage with masto and find people with similar interests to follow but I'd been coming from a birdsite mindset where hash tags are pretty much a bin fire.

@petrichor It took me months (and I really mean months!!) for me to get in the habit of properly hashtagging because, like you said, I have the default mindset of This Doesn't Do Anything, so I get it! (I think it helps I have history with the aforementioned websites where I've gotten to see the benefits of a functional tagging system firsthand.)

Out of curiosity I punched in a hashtag for a video game totally unrelated to my instance's focus and was surprised at how many good results I got.

@jookia You can search hashtags and pull results from the federated network, so I'd say that means they federate?

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