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I'm Lystrialle and I'm a folk/neofolk producer who uses :vocalo_v5: and sometimes :utau: (but really, I'm up for anything)!

I mostly make songs in English, often with and , and I also put out an album earlier this year!

And here's the most recent song I posted:

Oh, I guess I'm also a web admin for VocaLounge now 😊

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Current household

:vocalo_v5: Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken, VY1, VY2, Cyber Diva, CYBER Songman
:vocalo_v4: VY1, Kagamine Rin/Len (Japanese/English), Nekomura Iroha (Natural/Soft), Ruby, Dex, Daina, UNI
:vocalo_v3: VY1, Mew, VY2, Avanna, Merli, MAYU, MEIKO, KAITO, SeeU
:vocalo_v1: MIRIAM, KAITO, MEIKO

And of course I have my own :utau:, Hana

This was intended for MEIKO Day, which I ended up missing (I'm sorry...)
I got a new tablet recently and I've been enjoying working on it!
Lately I've been wanting to experiment with this kind of thick-line crayon-like style.

I was asked (surprisingly, for me) a few times if I had any affiliation with Eclipsed Sounds and SOLARIS, and while I'm acquainted with some members it was a secret to even me!! They are lovely people and you should support them and I'm excited for the project 😊

(Personally I'm just honored and surprised that my portfolio has made people think I'd be affiliated with something so organized, but I'm afraid to say I don't think I'm capable of pulling off anything nearly as impressive 😅)

Unless you're trying to claim your project as the fandom's one and only sole venture, you don't have an obligation to "remove bias". It's your project and you need to tailor it to your direction and your workflow, and whom you think you can work with.

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When you're staffing projects, your goal shouldn't be "who has the objectively best technical skills" but "who's the best person to help make this a success". Not counting other factors like "ability to work well with you" isn't fairness as much as it's narrow-minded.

To be honest, I'm not very fond of calling it a zine since it's perfect bound, the image I have in mind is a lot closer to "anthology" or "fanbook", but people aren't going to know exactly what you're referring to...

Currently running inquiries to see if running a zine project for a certain series (one I've never done a major project for before) will be feasible. Further information may be coming next month or early June ~ Please look forward to it ~

I don't really *want* my vocalsynth to sound like a human, and if I did I'd rather hire a vocalist who can do that more beautifully than any vocalsynth would. I want it to sound like something I made with my own two hands that only I could have made...

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This is probably going to be a hot take, but my attitude towards vocalsynth dev philosophy that prioritizes "realism" and "sounding like a human" is not entirely unlike my attitude towards game dev going for "realism" and polygon counts instead of expressive potential.

KaiMei V1 or V3? — I love the tone of V1 better and it's much more flexible and expressive, but they can't support English, and I have to work with what I have! But English is also very good and I can get a lot out of it, so I don…

Seems like a good time to remind people that the Affinity suite is 50% off right now, one-time purchase, and has carried me and my projects for the last 3 years with no need for me to even consider Adobe ~

Every time I see a bad review of a printing service that complains about the colors being too dark/muddy, I have to figure out whether that's actually a problem with the serivce, or whether the reviewer neglected to submit files in CMYK...

So even now, I shudder to think about how dangerously close we were to going with them. It was my first project and I was still fairly inexperienced, but this still involved careful planning and reasonably well-informed decisions, and yet we were *that* close.

There were so many things like that we had that could have gone wrong given the circumstances, but everyone was so cooperative and helpful, and honestly, I think MEIKO is just made of miracles or something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Anyway, part of the reason I'm making this thread is that it turns out that last year, that first manufacturer got pinned down for false advertising, went out of business, and ran off with all of the money they'd been given for projects they'd never done. Ouch.

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I hastily started running around trying to figure out an alternative, because there was NO way we were running that kind of risk with a Kickstarter album, and I seriously thank Shredded/MinaKi for being so cooperative and adapting during that period of absolute panic.

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The reason my friend's testimony was so different from what seemed to be actual reality was that *something* seemed to have happened in 2014. Back in 2012, when the first project was done, they seem to have been fine, but on the Yelp page, if you organized all of the reviews by time period, all of the reviews suddenly plummeted to one or two stars after that point. So it was reliable testimony given the facts, but something else had happened that had slipped under both of our noses.

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Normally I don't put much stock in Yelp pages for online-based services, but everything on it was terrifying. Nearly everything on it reported nightmares -- low quality print, late delivery, or, at worst, not even delivering at all.

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I want to establish right now that said friend's word was reliable and well-informed. It was based on their great success with it with a similar project from 2012, and after doing research, pretty much everything pointed to them being the best potential fit for our project.

Then, sometime around the time we were finalizing everything, I somehow got a bit of a gut feeling and did a little more research. I don't know how I ended up there, but I ended up on the CD manufacturer's Yelp page.

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I'm going to tell a little story, no take-home or anything, just something for fun, but it's a little tale behind 🍫🍒 that I think it's been long enough that I can tell:

When we initially put up the Kickstarter, the CD manufacturer we were planning to use was actually not the same one as the one we finally ended up using. We based our quotes and estimations on a certain manufacturer we'd gotten as a tip from a friend.

(Continued in thread)

I just want to put out there, if someone wants to reuse one of my wider project ideas (like, I dunno, another MEIKO compi album, or a zine a la Low-Effort Miku), I actively encourage it!! I make absolutely no claims to doing a community's one exclusive project, never ever ever.

In fact I do a lot of things specifically because I want to encourage more of these kinds of things, so I'm happy if more love gets spread. Please have fun with it. Also let me know so I can maybe buy a copy 🤭

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