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I'm Lystrialle and I'm a folk/neofolk producer who uses :vocalo_v5: and sometimes :utau: (but really, I'm up for anything)!

I mostly make songs in English, often with and , and I also put out an album earlier this year!

And here's the most recent song I posted:

Oh, I guess I'm also a web admin for VocaLounge now 😊

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Current household

:vocalo_v5: Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken, VY1, VY2, Cyber Diva, CYBER Songman
:vocalo_v4: VY1, Kagamine Rin/Len (Japanese/English), Nekomura Iroha (Natural/Soft), Ruby, Dex, Daina, UNI
:vocalo_v3: VY1, Mew, VY2, Avanna, Merli, MAYU, MEIKO, KAITO, SeeU
:vocalo_v1: MIRIAM, KAITO, MEIKO

And of course I have my own :utau:, Hana

Gonna be about 15-30 minutes late due to certain circumstances -- please bear with me, sorry for the lateness 🙏

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I'm gonna be playing Octopath Traveler tomorrow at 11 AM PST and streaming it on Mixer.
Come join if you're interested in watching ✌️

(I'm also playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but although I might stream that too it'll be less frequent and less regular)

If I ever became super rich, one thing I would really like to do would be to make a pop-up cafe with video game-themed live music and drinks/snacks. The main special would be coffee (which is either hot or iced, but we're not telling you which).

I think I'm going to start streaming a playthrough of Octopath Traveler pretty soon. Don't know what day of the week or such but I'd like to make it a regular thing. If anyone's interested, I'll keep you posted 😊


The latter I might have been more lenient about (Catalina is quite the troublemaker) if it weren't the second time. Thank God I don't use a Mac for my own personal computer.

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When I got my current one, my last one had gotten driver-obsolete, but I cut them slack because it was 10 years old by then. But after hearing about all the datamining that's been going on with their drivers, plus the fact that now they've got no problem permanently letting a tablet only 5 years old become completely unusable on Mac Catalina...

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All right, this is really the end. I'm going to use this tablet to the end of its lifespan, and then I am never buying from Wacom again. I gave them a chance the first time when I bought my current one, but at this point, once bitten, twice shy.

Lately I've been wanting to get back through my gaming backlog. Of course it may not be too often because I still have lots of music work to do, but given...certain circumstances, I may be able to do game streams more often. Would people be interested?

Normally I can't make game streams a regular thing because of how constantly changing my life schedule is, and so I can't tell people this'll happen in advance because I do it on a whim, but now I might as well, so...?

One time I wrote a piece advocating treating Vocaloid producers with respect even if you don't personally like Vocaloid, and someone responded to me saying they have no obligation to respect anyone who makes bad choices, "like using FL Studio".


...Right, okay.

I've already mentioned multiple times how silly I think DAW wars are, but really...every so often someone asks me if I recommend Cubase and the answer is, a lot of the time, no! I personally think Cubase is best for *me*, but what works for each person is different...

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