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I'm Lystrialle and I'm a folk/neofolk producer who uses :vocalo_v5: and sometimes :utau: (but really, I'm up for anything)!

I mostly make songs in English, often with and , and I also put out an album earlier this year!

And here's the most recent song I posted:

Oh, I guess I'm also a web admin for VocaLounge now 😊

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Current household

:vocalo_v5: Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken, VY1, VY2, Cyber Diva, CYBER Songman
:vocalo_v4: VY1, Kagamine Rin/Len (Japanese/English), Nekomura Iroha (Natural/Soft), Ruby, Dex, Daina, UNI
:vocalo_v3: VY1, Mew, VY2, Avanna, Merli, MAYU, MEIKO, KAITO, SeeU
:vocalo_v1: MIRIAM, KAITO, MEIKO

And of course I have my own :utau:, Hana

Voice providers (who are paid for their work!!) and vocalists are held in very high esteem here. I object to both acting like we should be okay with "middleman-cutting AI" (don't lump us in with you) *and* accusing us of being no better than them (don't lump us in with them!!). We didn't spend years trying to foster an indie-friendly community to be treated like this.

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Hey, so if you try to compare the vocalsynth community's use of synthesized vocals and even AI to people who try to "cut corners" by not hiring voice talent, I can and will snap at you. Do not even make that comparison. Don't you dare. I've spent too many years dealing with the stigma "Vocaloid producers use them as placeholder vocals because they can't afford real vocalists" and that was *before* AI came into play.

As a vocalsynth user, is there anything I should be concerned about if I upgraded to Windows 11? Any compatibility issues or other potential problems?

What do you enjoy most about using vocalsynth? Is there any voice on Synth V that you'd like to use, especially with cross-… — It's probably a strange way to put it, but I really like the fact I'm "manually sculpting" the vocal expression. Doing littl…

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I don't get why people feel like they need to throw some kind of tantrum because they see ellipses or lone punctuation marks like it personally offended them. Is there any reason most of the stylistic aspects of English prose exist besides "that's what we're used to"?

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If we talked about writing in English the way people mock "Japanese writing" for use of "..." etc.

"Why does English always have to use past tense for novels and narration? They always end quotations in commas even when it should be a period. If I see one more I'm gonna scream."

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Do you ever have funny working titles/codenames for your songs? Faithful First Song's folder is currently titled "forest" in my computer (even though we figured out the actual title very early)...

Hey look! My work is in here! You should check it out and also you should throw money at this Kickstarter 😊

In case it interests anyone, as a Los Angeles native, my favorite cons to recommend to people who want to come from out of state to visit California friends have typically been FanimeCon (May, San Jose) and Anime Los Angeles (January, currently Long Beach).

Just in case.

That also goes for people leaving comments fan work. They posted it to show their love for the thing, and you still have to go "it had its problems, but..." to remind them of its "problems". Same with vocalsynths and "I don't normally like (X), but..."
It's backhanded and rude.

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There's a time and place to bring your media criticism. Do you think people who want to have a peaceful moment enjoying something they like need to be gratuitously "reminded" of whatever apparent issues it has? All the time? It's exhausting.

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Hey, so: if I see a fanart or cosplay photo that has some kind of passive-aggressive quality judgment on the original work (even if ostensibly positive) like "it wasn't a perfect series, but..." or "this game had its flaws, but..." I immediately don't want to retweet it.

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Preorders for my first round of chibi vocalsynth charms close TONIGHT! 11:59pm EST!

(Apologies to followers for the self-boost and subsequent new post, but I forgot the original post I made didn’t have the preorder dates!)

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If you see me recognize a patch/VST in something, especially if it's free/cheap, it's probably not because I'm making fun of it or anything, but because I'm nostalgically waxing about something that likely carried me for a few years or so

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My new song 'Sol County Fair' featuring SOLARIA is out on SoundCloud! I wrote it for the SOLARIA Crowdfunding Anniversary Original Song Contest.

I'm working with @luxiongmaoxue on a song for Avannaversary! The Kickstarter runs this month, so if you want a physical copy, please be sure to support it! 🎊

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