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I'm Lystrialle and I'm a folk/neofolk producer who uses :vocalo_v5: and sometimes :utau: (but really, I'm up for anything)!

I mostly make songs in English, often with and , and I also put out an album earlier this year!

And here's the most recent song I posted:

Oh, I guess I'm also a web admin for VocaLounge now 😊

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Current household

:vocalo_v5: Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken, VY1, VY2, Cyber Diva, CYBER Songman
:vocalo_v4: VY1, Kagamine Rin/Len (Japanese/English), Nekomura Iroha (Natural/Soft), Ruby, Dex, Daina, UNI
:vocalo_v3: VY1, Mew, VY2, Avanna, Merli, MAYU, MEIKO, KAITO, SeeU
:vocalo_v1: MIRIAM, KAITO, MEIKO

And of course I have my own :utau:, Hana

Maybe if OpenUTAU allows for different kind of recording protocols I can finally consider doing the long-overdue Hana upda(this isn't happening)

I've been totally out of it because of exhaustion from work and other reasons for the last few weeks, but would a VCV bank require reconfiguration to be functional in OpenUTAU?

A question for those who take/do independent commissions (answers to this may become important later): How do you usually settle usage and ownership rights? Over email/messaging? Via writing them on a page for viewing? Signed contract?

And on top of that, further control over your portfolio will help you put it together in a way you're proud of, and will be valuable when you *do* find an opportunity that actually helps you. Being indie has a lot of benefits, so understand and make use of that when you can.

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It's frustrating to stay virtually unknown when you have to do all the publishing yourself, I get it, but all the legwork you have to do is worth keeping your rights if the only alternative is something that'll take far more from you than it'll give.

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To indie creators (music, art, writing, or otherwise): Vanity publishers/campaigns are a thing. I know it's tempting to submit your work to something that *seems* big, but predatory outlets exist and it's better to stay indie until you find an outlet that respects your rights.

I realized I've never said this in public, but I'm not playing Project Sekai/Colorful Stage because I've never been able to play rhythm games on mobile. I'm really glad it's getting localized and support everyone playing it, though!!

I never realistically thought it would happen, but even as a Miku lover I think it would have been really harmful to have her in Smash because I don't like the idea of the public considering her a "game character from SEGA". She's not.

There are certain things that I won't do at all unless I know you personally or have worked with you before, just because it's a specific or delicate process, so I won't advertise it as something I do, but I'm still happy to have done it the few times I did!

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The work I put on my site portfolio isn't "every work I've done" but "my experience in doing work that I'm willing to offer". If I don't put it on my site, it's not that I'm not proud of what I did for it...but it's not something I'll do for just anyone, even if you pay me 😅

I wrote the lyrics for Muufe(むっちゃん)'s song "Within". Please check it out!

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I served as assistant admin for the "A Ballad of Red and Blue" KaiMei zine project!
A lot of very wonderful people are on it, please check it out ☆

The fact that we're in an era where games full of music associated with indie production, where rights can be scattered all over the place, can have an expectation of being localized is in itself nothing short of a miracle. Don't forget that.

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If you're thinking "how come they can translate X but not Y in the same game?", that's probably why. If you're thinking "but previous games did it fine?", maybe now is the time to have a bit more appreciation of how many hoops they had to jump through to do that back then.

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Since a certain topic related to localization is going around right now: I think more people need to know how ridiculously restrictive music licensing can be, and how hard it can be to get permission to translate or transliterate even a song title or lyrics, let alone both.

Sing it all together: 🎶You can't listen to music while you make music and it sucks🎶

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