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I'm Lystrialle and I'm a folk/neofolk producer who uses :vocalo_v5: and sometimes :utau: (but really, I'm up for anything)!

I mostly make songs in English, often with and , and I also put out an album earlier this year!

And here's the most recent song I posted:

Oh, I guess I'm also a web admin for VocaLounge now 😊

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Current household

:vocalo_v5: Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken, VY1, VY2, Cyber Diva, CYBER Songman
:vocalo_v4: VY1, Kagamine Rin/Len (Japanese/English), Nekomura Iroha (Natural/Soft), Ruby, Dex, Daina, UNI
:vocalo_v3: VY1, Mew, VY2, Avanna, Merli, MAYU, MEIKO, KAITO, SeeU
:vocalo_v1: MIRIAM, KAITO, MEIKO

And of course I have my own :utau:, Hana

A handy guide for making Korean-style steamed eggs

1. 3 eggs in microwave safe bowl
2. Add a tiny bit of oil*, salt, and whatever other things you want (green onion, etc.)
3. One inch of water above egg
4. Mix thoroughly
5. Microwave 5 minutes

*Sesame preferred, but any is OK

Very short and low-effort to make, so great for days when you're in a hurry, need a Depression Meal™️, or just are feeling lazy. 👍

take some piece of merch on an adventure with you and take pictures with it when you travel!


Boosting my comms real quick. I need help paying for the subscription for my instruments. Any contribution helps. Thanks!


I may not go to the actual show at Miku Expo LA and just show up at the venue to say hi and wait until Chicago and Atlanta to see the actual show 😅

bleh I can't draw today, what I managed to draw is this pic which is a result of my "Tianyi=mouse" galaxy brain moment I had early in the morning gyuhtgyhu

#巡音ルカ #VOCALOID #動画進捗

今回はテーマが色々詰まっていて、しかも2月に迫っているKAITO誕の事も考えながらだったので大変でした(;^_^A #pixivSketch

not sure what to post here waahh...
i've been doing a lot of module sketches recently Please Take Them (featuring tei)

Sometimes my friends ask me if it's "okay" to go to a Miku Expo concert if they don't know Vocaloid. Rather, if you have the money, I would totally encourage you to! It's good music, fun music, and a fun environment, and you may find some songs you like 😎

Especially because sometimes people say they're interested in Vocaloid but don't know where to start -- things like the concerts, or the setlists in rhythm games that have Vocaloid songs, I always consider them a great entry gate grab bag

Quick with a selfie where I look extremely exhausted but when am I not exhausted, TBH

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