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yall who know computers what do i need to upgrade on my pc to make mmd and aviutl not laggy as shit 😭😭😭

u think it's worth it for me to start uploading my videos onto nico as well as yt??

WAIT I FORGOT JAPANESE TIMEZONES is mega mix out already i’m gonna cry i wanna play but i’m at work 😭😭😭😭

now i’m just tryna decide if i wanna buy the physical version of mega 39s and wait for shipping or if i’m too impatient and i just get the digital version.................

another video comin up tomorrow (aka today) 2/11 at 11:30 PST!!! join me for the premiere cuz why not!!

tagged by , listing my top 4 games?? hmmmmmmmmmm

- Kingdom Hearts
- Animal Crossing
- Deresute

!!! C: i'll tag or anyone who wants to :3c

can you play japanese games on a us switch??????? i'd be more than willing to buy the jp version if you can...

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omg i've had the mega 39s release date on my calendar since it was announced and im somehow..... just now realizing its probably not being released in english this month,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

guess who's postin another video in 8 minutes!! come check out the premiere >:3c

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We're hosting our first community project:
✨The Low-Effort Miku Zine✨

We're collecting low-effort Miku drawings to make the sloppiest, lowest-effort, most undignified, publishing-unworthy Miku zine in existence.

Submit a low-effort Miku by February 16!

yeah its 12:30am but i just revisited my bandcamp after abandoning it for 3 years and found i had made a little album of not-quite-finished songs that i'll never finish now? it was just a draft so i published them, here they are!!

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lunar online vs lunar irl ;; W;;

a lot of people seem to be doin this so here!!!! i love picrews............. i know its late but here's a new cover come watch it premier!

OK so the video rendered out REAL quick would it be bad of me to just upload the video now???? or should i actually wait until a normal time tomorrow ' W'

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guess who just finished their first cover of 2020!!!!! rendering the video now, got a couple other covers lined up too!! lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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