Two pics. First is Kalfkah official face, and second is a new Voicebank design???

I made a new UTAU. Her name is Kalfkah and she is a maniatic being who gets along very well with Lorisse. She needs a voice, but i think i found a voicer,,,
First pic is by Sounds-like-balloons, second is by me. :') Enjoy.

Utaugrowl for a soft bank??? What kind of black magic i made that the H, and h flags work?????πŸ˜‚

What should i release first? (Chambeleon Project only) [VOTE QUICK]

- Holos [JUNITY] (Conlang VCV bank, Chambiul)

- Holos [MINDSET] (ACT7, i could release a beta, since this bank is Planned to have more pitches???)

- Shimone [ARIAS] (Conlang VCV, yet to be recorded and planned)

Hello, im late but i made my very first animation in Flipaclip :'3, here my son Holos, but in his original form, not the humanoid one. This design here is his ACT5 one. I was wondering how his eyes would work when closed so...This ended up tho.

Hello im Lorea, im 21 years old, and i voice almost all of my UTAUs. My favorite UTAU of mine is Imonai, and second fav is Holos :'3. Im very weird tho.πŸ˜…

Here are drawings of mine of some of my UTAUs...

Hello! Im the Official LoreaMStudios :3
Hope you Enjoy my art and weird things....


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