anyone else keeping screenshots of the confusingly political-adjacent twitter trends so we have something to reminisce about when this fuckery is over

So that tie I can't get to stop going through Ayame's model in MMD? Figured I'd try to find another one and *that's the only tie shaped correctly*. Wtfffffffffff someone please help

If anybody sees some black market deal where one can acquire Piko hmu

Throwback to that time I asked the computer shop people not to wipe files from the MikuMikuDance folder if they got flagged and the poor guy assumed it was porn related

Hey I have having to do this, but I have an emergency commission slot open! I really need at least $33 today to help cover rent.

Goofed earlier this month and paid a medical bill out of my bank forgetting that my HSA balance reset at the start of the year so this is rly dumb. ★

Boosts appreciated!

What's the name of that song they use in vocaloid voicebank samples? Making a website for my UTAUs and samples are needed

I'm officially changing Kelsy from male to amab Non-binary. Pronouns he/they. Their sound is somewhere in the middle, so it makes sense. Fingers crossed I can get replicate their voice for a VCV! I think I will considering they sound so much like my natural voice lol

Insert done! Improved the lens flare and color and added a couple of missing trademark symbols. It's not detail-perfect by a long shot, but it looks pretty good when printed.

Once I finish the traycard, I'll put this up on my dA and get started on LEON and MIRIAM!

To clarify not an English *section* but just a lot of english words/phrases here or there. It's not an English bank, it's an add on for clearer engrish

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Any suggestions for a Japanese song with a lot of English in it? Need to be able to show off the English add-on to Ayame's bank for when I release it

It occurs to me I bought VIP tickets to Miku Expo while having no idea what the difference between normal and VIP is.

Finally building my UTAUs a website. I have so much to say about Ayame's history and basically nothing about the others since, let's be honest, they're just kind of... there. I love them dearly! But they're just kind of there....

I remember someone getting in a fight with me because they said the c1u was awful--and it really didn't do well for Ruby-- but man does it make good UTAUs

Headphones came in! Now I can mix in my home instead of in my Dad's car (for his awesome stereo)

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