So that tie I can't get to stop going through Ayame's model in MMD? Figured I'd try to find another one and *that's the only tie shaped correctly*. Wtfffffffffff someone please help

If anybody sees some black market deal where one can acquire Piko hmu

Throwback to that time I asked the computer shop people not to wipe files from the MikuMikuDance folder if they got flagged and the poor guy assumed it was porn related

Hey I have having to do this, but I have an emergency commission slot open! I really need at least $33 today to help cover rent.

Goofed earlier this month and paid a medical bill out of my bank forgetting that my HSA balance reset at the start of the year so this is rly dumb. โ˜…

Boosts appreciated!

What's the name of that song they use in vocaloid voicebank samples? Making a website for my UTAUs and samples are needed

I'm officially changing Kelsy from male to amab Non-binary. Pronouns he/they. Their sound is somewhere in the middle, so it makes sense. Fingers crossed I can get replicate their voice for a VCV! I think I will considering they sound so much like my natural voice lol

Insert done! Improved the lens flare and color and added a couple of missing trademark symbols. It's not detail-perfect by a long shot, but it looks pretty good when printed.

Once I finish the traycard, I'll put this up on my dA and get started on LEON and MIRIAM!

To clarify not an English *section* but just a lot of english words/phrases here or there. It's not an English bank, it's an add on for clearer engrish

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Any suggestions for a Japanese song with a lot of English in it? Need to be able to show off the English add-on to Ayame's bank for when I release it

It occurs to me I bought VIP tickets to Miku Expo while having no idea what the difference between normal and VIP is.

Finally building my UTAUs a website. I have so much to say about Ayame's history and basically nothing about the others since, let's be honest, they're just kind of... there. I love them dearly! But they're just kind of there....

I remember someone getting in a fight with me because they said the c1u was awful--and it really didn't do well for Ruby-- but man does it make good UTAUs

Headphones came in! Now I can mix in my home instead of in my Dad's car (for his awesome stereo)

Ugh. I wish you could to that .ddb trick to switch V5 vocals out with V4s like you can with the others. Just replacing it doesn't seem to work.

If anyone knows how give me a shout, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with V5s having a bunch of settings incompatible with V4 so it doesn't work :\

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