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A bit about me:
▫️ Vocaloid fan since 2009
▫️ My favorite producer is Kiichi, he is the god i make ritual sacrifices to
▫️ I love Akita Neru and Yowane Haku and I started engaging with the fandom by rping them!
▫️ I do Vocaloid PV:
▫️ Love oldschool Project Diva and Project Mirai~
▫️ My Vocaloid Playlist:
▫️ I run a shitposting account on Twitter but peoples don't know this
▫️ And
▫️ My favorite Vocaloids:

Oh nvm, i will not be sharing merchandise that isn't figures just in case.

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Something i posted disappeared :O I'm confused

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This is the keychain designs that i'm sending off from Oliver's anniversary!

It's my fanmade V5 oliver design, that i actually made before v5 existed.


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as per request of @MystSaphyr
Prima and Sonika's official Spanish localized names (

Antes and El sonicador

Very disappointed in mega39s, now we learn there won't be any new modules except for one -___-

I'm going to create my own art tag, it feels unnatural and very extra to me but i guess mastodon culture is different! I just wanna link it to my profile...

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S-So this was a I recently made, it's by commissioned by (@)AzureKnight17!

I love ShiAn my self and despite her braids that ended up looking like pretzels I like the result! ;;

Meanwhile look at this serving at the
collab cafe i can't handle it

I'm not on PC rigut now but i'll upload some stuff later today!

I will post my more shippy or headcanon type comics for sure here anyway, I can't do it on my art account, it's too specific to Vocaloid and too personal to me;;

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I hope more of the Vocaloid headcanon-y shipper people etc join ahaha I'd love to post more of that kind of stuff my followers on Twitter don't care that much about... but i do realize the userbase here for now is more on the Utau side or not too into that but more into normal music/art talk which is ok LOL but i hope we can grow that side of the comm here!

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If you're planning on making a vocalsynth video and need some art for your character, did you know you can use art from Piapro for your videos, as long as you credit?

The same applies to art in the UTAU and CeVIO 支援中 Pixiv tags!支援中支援中

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Piapro is like the treasure trove resource that tends to go over a lot of the Western vocalsynth circuit's heads because of how much it's evaded translation, but Piapro = Peer Production = collaboration. It's a site literally designed for people to upload stuff with the expectation someone else might pick it up and make something out of it later, so that extends to art and music uploaded to it as well

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