[ Sweet dreams, Pia 💜 ]

I had the incredible honor of being asked to draw for ODDEEO's |re| |union| !!
Finally getting to see the MV in it's totality is so wonderful, my stomach's still full of butterflies!!!
Please take a look, we poured a lot of love into the MV <3

#oddeeo #avanna #vocaloid #vocaloidavanna #mastoart #creativetoots

Emoji update: :synthv: and :cevio: have been updated to their latest versions, and :cevio_pro: and :openutau: are now available for use! We accept other suggestions, too!

impulse that idk when ill finish cus its HARD
ust: iosion

Hello, new users coming over from Twitter!

There are some pinned toots ('tweets') at the top of my profile that should provide some help getting you settled in and finding your way around :)

I'm very active here, so if you have questions, please yell! :bowie_stardust:

And just in case you skipped the rules before joining, please do read them, they are important > mastodon.art/about/more

Welcome to .art and the fediverse! :frida_y_animalitos:

Ah... I remembered that FRQs are important and passed over all of my banks with frq editor and... it fixed most of the doppeltler problems i was having... oops lol 😳

This has come up a few times, so a reminder: reposting artwork/videos, or linking to unauthorized reposts, is against our instance rules!
We understand that this is a habit for a lot of people, but let's do our best to respect the rights of creators so important to our community.

Instead, link the original source and support the creator directly!
Need help finding the original link?
VocaDB can help you find vocalsynth videos: vocadb.net/
And SauceNAO for art: saucenao.com/

So I covered Bang! a little while ago with Miku in :vocalo_mobile:, but YT refuses to let me post it.

I'll be posting this to YT and Nico when I'm able to do an arrangement of the instrumental so they won't get mad at me lol ★

For now it's on Audiomack: audiomack.com/song/mystsaphyr/

Mm, I'm mainly an UTAU user but for posterity;
:vocalo_v4: Dex
to-buy (order of priority);
:vocalo_v4: Gackpoid Complete
:vocalo_v4: Otomachi Una
:cevio: Akasaki Minato + Midorizaki Kasumi
:vocalo_v5: MEIKA Hime/Mikoto
:vocalo_v4: RANA
:vocalo_v3: ZOLA PROJECT

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oh yeah we used to like. have to edit down the default breathiness, huh

"v: consonant velocity of the rear fixed area"

(links to Twitter) Looks like we've got a new beta version of a new UTAU sampler! twitter.com/ameyaP_/status/121

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