【Cody Verre 10th Anniversary PV】夜明けの歌 / Yoake no Uta【UTAUカバー】+ Off Vocal

Cody's 10th Anniversary was today and I kicked things off but uploaded part 1 of my anniversary videos!

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Imma gonna bring some vocal synth coloring pages to katsu with my crayons
No one can stop me!!!

@Lystrialle sense I will be seeing you at katsu as Well I wanted to ask you.
Kenta Chikune or Matsudapoiyo?
It's for a surprise gift

夜明けの歌 - WIP

I've had this arrangement done for so long now;;;;; gonna try to finish this cover

hmmm odd uploading a midi in paint music seems to be nor problem but it doesn't seem to work in paintvoice???

I'll look into it later
it doesn't help that I know zero japanese

okay so saving as a midi does not seem to work for me???? when I import it in utau there's like no notes......on any of the tracks......might be doing something wrong???

also it seems you can save your project as a video too

nifty for those quick vocal synth memes you gotta make fast

yes I just spent like five minutes on paintvoice just to make that joke

worth it

Once you make your song on paint voice you can save it as either audio or a midi. You can save the file directly to your phone or even upload right to your Google drive or send it to someone else as a message even

Or if I want to make a base midi and I'm outside the house. There's not many options to make me want to use it for a full cover but i do enjoy it

Downloaded paint voice
It's pretty cute. The most I will prob use it for is maybe making a base midi and I don't feel like leaving my couch to go upstairs to my desktop

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wow the nico upload looks so much better than the youtube upload

curse you youtube;;;;;

Scattered Glass Piano arrange cover is up on nico!
UST file is uploaded in both CV & VCV
Off Vocal has been uploaded in both the original key and the key I used for my cover

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"wishing well" is the first single off my upcoming album, "specters"- an album about my fears, big and small.

"wishing well" is about a fear of lovelessness; of being alone.

You can listen to the full thing here:

Or buy it here:

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if anyone is interested... the instrumental is free if you don't care to buy the single but still like the song.

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