I don't know why I always feel nervous sharing any of my OCs to people. I just get extreme anxiety...

Reading Japanese posts feels like fighting an RPG boss and taking hits each time an unknown kanji comes up. Eventually, I lose all my HP and give up.


hey pokegenners if you're gonna send a hacked shiny 6IV legendary over surprise trade at least stop naming it after your shitty youtube channel/website URL so I can name it what I want

I'm such in a writing mood(at 3am of all times), but I don't know what to write lol

I always feel like Project Diva X got way too much hate. I find the game to be quite fun, even though, I'll agree that the song list is not that diverse. It was mostly just Miku songs, but still I didn't mind it.

It still had a great soundtrack. My personal favorite is Strangers.

When the fuck are yall gonna leave astolfo alone just let men be pretty for fucks sake

I wrote something I guess(more like rewritten, because this was an old thing I written back in 2013, but just rewritten):


My first time drawing Miku ever. I drew her in my style because I can't draw anime to save my life lol.

(also I mix her new NT design with her original one)

I don't know why I downloaded MMD. I have no knowledge of how to use it lol

your favorite character won't ever get a figure? make your own by buying one of those horrendous artist mannequins and painting it as your favorite character and then crying at your life choices!


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